Meru Press Club

The Meru Press Club (MPC) is a media association registered by the Registrar of Societies in Kenya. Our mandate is to safeguard the welfare of journalists and promote professional development for the advancement of press freedom and socioeconomic growth. Currently, MPC is composed of 60 members with majority operating from Meru County and Nairobi. The association is run by a 9-member committee comprising of 5 officials and 4 others elected by members. MPC’s programs which include advocacy for press freedom in Meru have benefitted all journalists operating in the county. The Association has engaged county leaders and other stakeholders on the need to safeguard the rights of journalists and press freedom amid growing media presence in Meru. MPC runs a Media Centre and The Voice Daily online news site. MPC Welfare CBO is also a product of the association. MPC has registered with the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) as per the recommendations of the Committee on Associations and Support Groups in the Media Industry



- To bring together media practitioners through social gatherings and media awards/events, - Empower journalists through training and workshops, - Defend freedom of the press and provide a platform for speakers such as political leaders, government executives, scientists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders and community leaders to address issues of public and community interest.

Our Mission.

To empower journalists through resource mobilization, training, mentorship, and rewarding excellence.