The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party has come out in defence of its leader Raila Odinga over his controversial call for dialogue following GenZ led protests.

Raila and President William Ruto on Tuesday, announced a six-day dialogue under a multisectoral forum starting Monday next week.

Fellow Azimio leaders protested Raila’s statements arguing that dialogue was another trap to hijack the clamour by the youth.

But in a statement on Wednesday, ODM national chairman John Mbadi called on all party members and formations to align with and support the party leader’s position.

Raila Odinga speaks during the signing on IEBC Amendment bill 2024, on July 9, 2024.

“The Rt Hon Raila Odinga called for a national conversation on the issues being raised by the youth of Kenya and other voices on how we can create a more perfect nation that takes care of its citizens…”

“We must also align and demand the immediate addressing of the issues being raised by the youth and a cross section of Kenyans.” Mr Mbadi stated.

He argued that Raila has always helped pull the country out of a precipice, noting that Kenya is ‘at a crossroads and approaching a precipice.’

Mbadi said besides dialogue, ODM has never shied away from calling for protests to fight for the rights of Kenyans.

“Consequently, nobody should lecture us about maandamano. We have been there and we can return there but only when Baba tells us.

He said the party was in agreement with Raila’s call for dialogue since it is in the best interest of the country.

The ODM national chairman said the dialogue will help resolve emerging issues in a structured and coordinated matter.

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna earlier said that Raila was not speaking for the Gen Z but on behalf of party members.


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