Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u is on Thursday afternoon expected to table the 2023/24 Budget estimated at Ksh.3.6trillion.
CS Ndung’u is expected to read President William Ruto’s administration’s first budget as the National Assembly Finance Committee proposed a Sh80.7 billion addition.

The total budget is expected to hit Sh4.4 trillion.The national government has been allocated Ksh.2.2 trillion, while the judiciary has been allocated Ksh.22 billion.The National Assembly and Senate have been given Ksh.1.6 trillion.

Currently, Kenya’s debt is placed at Ksh.1.6 trillion and the government hopes to borrow Ksh.720.1 billion more.

In Meru, the budget estimates sailed through with a huge support from the MCAs.During the sitting, majority leader Evans Mawira Kaaria applauded the finance committee for their commitment in coming up with the Bill.

Mawira observed that the allocation of Ksh 715m to the health department would help people of Meru to access improved health care services. 

He added that the allocation would also be used to solve the problems in the level five hospitals in Meru by improving the facilities.

The majority leader commended governor Kawira Mwangaza for allocating 1m for each ward to purchase livestock as she had promised in her manifesto. He said the move would bring about rapid economic growth in Meru and also increase milk production in the region. 

However, he insisted that there should be a proper framework of how this would be achieved.

“There’s a need for proper framework of how this purchasing of livestock would be done and achieved “ noted Mawira.
Muthara MCA Aurelio Murangiri on his part stated that he was intrigued by the feeding programme in the Bill.

 “The feeding programme will encourage more pupils to attend school especially in the semi-arid regions. However, the executive in the subsequent budget should consider settling the pending bills so that those who provide services to the county government can get what is due to them, “said Murangiri.

He added, “The executive has tried to settle the pending bills in the budget but I would urge them to prioritize them so that those who provide the county services in good heart are able to get paid”.

Nominated MCA Kirinya Mwenda seemed to be the only black sheep as he stood to oppose the Bill.He faulted the proposed bill citing that it is not a solution to the problems affecting the residents.

“There is no guiding principle on how live animals would be distributed to the wards. There  is a repetitive element of catering and hospitality in each ministry. How will Ksh 38.5m allocated for their expenses be accounted for? Mwenda posed.


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