KUPPET Meru County branch Executive Secretary Karuti Nchebere. PHOTO. Courtesy

Teachers have called on the government to reduce the fuel prices in order to minimise the harsh economic hardship facing majority of Kenyans.

Meru County KUPPET Executive Secretary Karuti Nchebere said many Kenyans and especially majority of teachers are unable to fuel their vehicles due to the high prices.

He said the teachers have now been forced to abandon their vehicles at home and in the process inconveniencing and disrupting their schedules.

Speaking in Meru town during the KUPPET Meru branch annual general meeting, the unionist asserted that the government is loosing a lot of revenue because very few Kenyans are paying fuel tax due to it exorbitant prices.

“It’s unfortunate that the government is loosing a lot of revenue because few Kenyans are paying the fuel tax. Let somebody advise the President it’s not profitable for the country if the prices remain high. 

Majority of Kenyans have been forced to park their vehicles at home. The best solution to all party is to reduce the fuel prices and make it affordable to the majority. Teachers are hard hit by the escalating prices,” said Nchebere.

He regretted that despite the branch purchasing a ten seater van, some members find it uneconomical to fuel it.

“The branch van has gone a long way in assisting officials and the members whenever they are travelling somewhere.

Members have been given the van at a minimal cost whenever there is need. However, with the escalating fuel prices, being a ten seater van, some members find it uneconomical to fuel it,” said the official.

Nchebere urged teachers to perform their duties with decorum, diligence and outmost degree of professionalism, customer focus, integrity, innovativeness and team spirit which are the core values of their employer.

He called on the school principals to ensure they counsel and guide the young teachers in a bid to ensure they make the right decisions for a better and secure future.

“There are many cases where our members are involved in issues of indiscipline with our employer. They range from absenteeism, desertion of duty, alcoholism, financial mismanagement and overcommitting of the payslip, negligence of duty, insubordination and carnal knowledge among others,” said Nchebere.

He called on the immediate confirmation of 20,000 intern teachers to permanent and pensionable terms of service.


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