Prof. Kithure Kindiki CS Interior

The government has banned any Kenyan from visiting Shakahola forest in Kilifi County unless one is authorized by the relevant authorities.

Interior CS Prof Kithure Kindiki said due to security reasons the forest has been gazetted as a crime zone and nobody will be allowed to visit the area regardless of the social status.

Kindiki said a person will only be allowed to visit after giving concrete reason for the visit.

He said after authorisation one will be accompanied by security officers during the visit in order to ensure the safety of the person.

“Due to security reasons the forest has been gazetted as a crime zone and nobody will be allowed to visit the area regardless of the social status. A person will only be allowed to visit after giving concrete reason for the same.

Shakahola forest is now a crime operation zone and not a place to politic. Those caught on the wrong side will be dealt with mercilessly regardless of social status. We can never politicise the national security,” said Prof Kindiki.

Speaking at Charia Cottolengo Catholic church in Central Imenti constituency, Prof Kindiki said even the media will not be allowed to take some pictures because the government might be sued by the human rights organizations.

The CS said they will not allow the media to take pictures of decomposing bodies because it is against human rights.

The CS remarks comes barely afew days after opposition leader Raila Odinga was barred from accessing the forest.

He said they will reveal to all Kenyans and the world want happened at the forest in order to ensure such a thing does not happen again.

“We have nothing to hide. We shall tell the world exactly want happened to avoid a recurrence of such a thing.

We have lost many people at Shakahola forest in Kilifi County after the pastor told them to starve to death in order to go to heaven. Those who refused to starve to death were murdered brutally while others were strangled. Women and children were the most affected,” said the CS.

He said many more people are still trapped helplessly in the forest noting they have so far exhumed 112 bodies.

He said the second phase of exhumation process will begin this Tuesday.

“The criminals have done a great damage to the country. They have hurt us badly,” lamented Prof Kindiki.

He denied claims that the government is fighting the church noting that Jesus Christ himself raised people from the dead and feed others and not vice versa.

He regretted that some clergies and church have become the agent of the devils and vowed to pursue them,arrest and ensure they are punished for crime against humanity.

“The government will crackdown on a few churches and clergy who are using the church to manipulate, kill or injure innocent people. We shall not allow the church to engage in criminal activities,” said the CS.

He said the government fully recognises the crucial role the church plays especially in morality, education, water, health including saving lives, crime reduction, eradication of alcohol and drugs among others.

Prof Kindiki said the government will support church projects geared towards development to enable people live a decent life.

“The government knows the constitutional right of worship for church and respects it. We don’t have a problem with the church which follows the law,” said Prof Kindiki.


The CS assured the Meru community that the border disputes which has bedeviled the area for a long time that it will soon come to an end.

“We are all brothers and sisters. It was fuelled by politics. Those behind it are criminals regardless of sub tribe. It is just a matter of days before we end it. It’s not a joke. How can I successfully fight crime countrywide and fail in my home,” said Prof Kindiki.

He said politicians who incite locals against each other will be arrested and prosecuted.

He cautioned them against using border dispute to solicit for votes and advised them to look for other alternatives.

He promised to create another sub county in Central Imenti constituency in three months once they complete the official process of requesting for it.

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi said Meru community residents are kinsmen who should coexist peacefully and urged the government to issue title deeds to those with land regardless of the sub tribe origin.

He said he will continue to support the government of President William Ruto despite being elected to parliament on a different party ticket.

He said nobody should be allowed to divide the community on sub tribe basis for their own selfish personal gains and called for unity and peace among the residents in a bid to spur developments.

Nominated MP Muthoni lauded Prof Kindiki for his outstanding performance in his docket.

She said a law should be enacted to ensure parents living with disabled children are given government stipends to take care of them because they spend almost all their time looking after the kids with no extra time to earn a livelihood.

Meru County Assembly Speaker Ayub Bundi called for unity talks between leaders living within the disputed borders to enable residents to coexist peacefully.

He said they fully recognise Prof Kindiki as the Mount Kenya East kingpin and promised to support him in uniting and souring growth in the region.

He appealed to Prof Kindiki to assist them to get another sub county in Central Imenti to enable them benefit from the national cake especially in employment.

Meru County Assembly Majority Leader Evans Mawira appealed for employment of four more sub chiefs in Mitunguu to enable them fight vices including early pregnancies, school drop out, drug and alcohol abuse among others.


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