Opposition leader Raila Odinga has sensationally claimed that he has the solution to the problems bedeviling implementation of the housing levy project and that he is only waiting for the Kenya Kwanza government to fail before coming to the rescue.
Raila said he is the only Kenyan who has the secret and blueprint to the success of the project because he was the think tank and pioneer behind it.
Speaking when he toured Meru County where he was hosted by politician Zabron Mathenge at his home in Meru town, North Imenti constituency, the opposition leader said the project was good noting that the only problem with it is the implementation process.
Terming it as the best thing that ever happened to Kenya, Raila said the first step in resolving the puzzle surrounding the housing levy project is holding public participation where all Kenyans are involved in the sensitization stage.

“Housing levy is a very good and noble idea. The project is not bad but unfortunately it is being implemented wrongly. They should have involved all Kenyans by holding public participation in a bid to sensitise citizens.
I hold the secret to its success because I am the pioneer and the think tank behind the whole idea. Am only waiting for the Kenya Kwanza government to fail before intervening,” said Raila.
He faulted the government for over taxing Kenyans in a bid to raise revenue saying it is an exercise in futility and will never bring any tangible developments in the country.
He said the best way to save the country from economic collapse is by completely eliminating corruption within the government systems.
The former Premier said even if the country regime taxes Kenyans a million times nothing will improve.
“Even if you increase the taxes by a million times, nothing will improve. The best solution is to decisively deal and end corruption within the government systems. It is the only way to save Kenya,” said the opposition leader.
He regretted that investors are relocating from Kenya in droves due to the high taxation adding that nobody is willing to come to the country to invest due to the exploitative tax.
He also faulted the government for soliciting for jobs in foreign countries instead of creating employment.
Raila said the country has the ability and resources to create enough jobs for majority of Kenyans.
“It’s the duty of the government to create jobs for its citizens as opposed to looking for them outside. We have the ability and the resources to create enough jobs for majority of Kenyans as exemplified during the Kibaki regime when we took over the government.
Kenya has very hard working citizens. The problem is that leaders are preaching tribalism, hatred and division instead of resolving the problems facing Kenyans,” said Raila.
He called on Kenyans to shun tribalism and coexist peacefully for the sake of unity and development.
He said it is wrong for a section of leaders to claim that some tribes have shares in the government while others don’t have noting that it may lead to dissatisfaction and anxiety from other communities resulting to unnecessary conflicts.


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