North Imenti MP Rahim Dawood has fingered a section of former MCAs for financing youths to vandalize and loot his property in Makutano during the anti-financebill protests.

“It is unfortunate I lost property worth Ksh2 million which was destroyed during the Gen Z protest here in Meru.”

“They targeted me because I voted yes for the bill but I want to tell them I did so for the good of the people. More development projects would be initiated using the funds,” he said.

Protesters targeted two buildings owned by the MP in Makutano where they pelted stones and looted equipment.

At the same time, Rahim lauded President William Ruto’s move do away with allocations to the First Lady and spouses of the deputy president and prime Cabinet Secretary.

Rahim added that the counties should also be targeted in curbing unnecessary expenditure.

“The same axe the president is using on state officers at the national level should also move with speed in the counties where we also feel a lot of corruption and unnecessary expenditure are happening,” said Rahim.

The law maker at the same time proposed the scrapping of the Senate and reduction in the number of constituencies in the country.

“Now that the finance bill was dropped, we should think of how to grow the economy through other ways. I think if we do away with the Senate, the governor’s office, reduce the number of constituencies and stem out corruption our country will be in a better place.”

“A county can be run by a mayor appointed from among the MCAs,” Rahim said.

The President, on Friday announced various austerity measures aimed at releasing more funds for development.

Additionally, the president suspended the hiring of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), announced dissolution of 47 parastatals, cuts on State House budget and suspended non essential travel in government.


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