Igembe North MP Julius Taitumu has issued bursary funds worth Sh 45 million to needy and bright learners in the constituency.

Taitumu said Sh 11.5 million will benefit 34 day secondary schools with each student getting Sh 3,000.

He said the bursary will greatly supplement parents in paying school fees where they will only be required to top up the balance.

Speaking while issuing the bursaries at Kaliati and Mariri secondary school, Taitumu regretted that for the last 20 years no single day secondary school in the area has received even a cent from the bursary Kitty.

“They have a right to education and funding like any other child in the country. The needy learners must get assistance from the government in order to enable them access education,” he said.

He said the area is arid, making it very hard for any agricultural produce to thrive in the region noting it makes it extremely hard for parents to afford to pay the fees.

The MP urged learners to redouble their efforts in education since the area does not have any reliable agricultural products at the moment.

“The Miraa crisis currently being witnessed has led to drastic drop in prices. It is now becoming almost impossible for parents to afford to pay fees. This is because miraa is the main source of income in the area. This has left many parents helpless.

The bursaries are meant to supplement the fees paid by the parents. That is why I am urging parents to top up the balance left,” said Taitumu.

He promised to continue with the feeding program because some schools are in drought stricken areas where parents are unable to feed their children.

“We shall ensure through the relevant parliamentary committee, the treasury releases enough money for the feeding program to continue,” noted the MP.

He urged parents to monitor their children and ensure they concentrate in education instead of loitering. He said the development standards of any region is determined by the level of education of the residents.

He challenged parents to ensure all children in the constituency enrolled in school noting education will uplift the living standards in the area. The MP also urged boys to shun boda boda business and instead embrace education.


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