Woman Rep Karambu Kailemia during the issuance of Ngaaf bursaries/Photo/Reporter

By Our Reporter

More than 800 vulnerable students will benefit with more than Sh5.3 million in bursaries from the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

Meru Woman Representative Karambu Kailemia said more than 1500 students are expected to benefit from the NGAAF this year.

She spoke while presenting the bursary cheques to beneficiaries in Meru town.

She said the least beneficiary will receive Sh5,000 for those in day secondary schools.

“NGAAF bursaries are meant for the most vulnerable in the community. Today, we are releasing funds for two quarters and will give out more in the course of the year. We will be giving cheques to 279 schools, colleges and universities,” Ms Kailemia said.

The woman representative however said the resources available remain insufficient to address increasing needs.

Kailemia said there was a need for the county to develop a database for needy students to avoid duplication during award of bursaries.

Meru Woman Rep Karambu Kailemia presents cheques to Ngaaf Bursary beneficiaries. Photo/Our reporter

“We can work with school heads and chiefs to identify the most needy children for targeted funding. This will ensure the most needy are not left out in the allocation of bursaries by the county government, National Government Constituency Development Fund and others,” the woman rep said.

She said her office was working with various partners to enhance the government bursary fund.

Ms Kailemia also lauded the national government for the plan to increase NGAAF funding in the next financial year.


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