Section of Meru Press Club Members after receiving Hippo Junior accounts piggy banks from Solution Sacco CEO Daniel Marete and Meru Solution Sacco branch manager Robert Ouko. PHOTO/Reporter

By MPC Reporter

The Meru Press Club Welfare Community Based Organization (CBO) has made great strides after partnering with one of the region’s top financiers-Solution Sacco and the Media Council of Kenya to boost its members’ well-being.

Meru Press Club Welfare CBO (MPC Welfare CBO) is an affiliate of the MPC, a professional association that brings together journalists in and out of Meru County.

MPC was established in 2019 to address the welfare of journalists and promote professionalism and press freedom before it gave birth to a welfare CBO in 2022. MPC also runs a Media Centre at the Kenya National Library Services building in Meru town.

MPC Welfare CBO and Solution Sacco committed to work together in improving the welfare of members during the CBO’s inaugural investment retreat at Sera Park Lapsset Gardens Hotel in Isiolo on Saturday.

According to MPC Welfare CBO chairperson David Muchui, the retreat was intended on deliberating on sound investment options available for members.

“We are here today to make critical decisions that will transform our lives. The ultimate goal of the Meru press Club was to make the lives of journalists better professionally, economically and socially. We want to safeguard our future through investment,” Muchui said.

The MPC chairperson noted that it was critical for journalists to plan their finances and retirement on time.

He emphasized the need for journalists to join welfare groups especially now that the media industry was facing economic headwinds.

Solution Sacco Chief Executive Officer Daniel Marete and Meru regional manager Robert Ouko, who were the guest speakers at the retreat lauded the establishment of the investment vehicle for journalists in Meru.

Solution Sacco is one of the largest Saccos in the country, in capitalization, with a branch network of 13 across the country. The Sacco is marking its 30th anniversary this year.

Mr Marete took the journalists through investment and financial options available to them before the CBO members retreated to make a choice.

“Our mindset about money plays a big role in wealth creation. As a group, you must be specific on what you want to venture into, there must be bonding among members and the leadership must show the way and be transparent. Each member must cultivate self-discipline. The big question is what do you do with money?” Mr Marete posed.

The CEO said the Solution Sacco will work with MPC Welfare CBO through its business club programme to open up business learning opportunities for journalists.

“As a Sacco, we have supported many groups in venturing into business with great success. We are ready to work with journalists in Meru by financing their investments,” he said.

Media Council of Kenya Upper Eastern Region Coordinator Jackson Karanja lauded the unity of purpose among journalists in Meru saying it was in line with the council’s rallying call.

The Council has so far given the Meru Press Club a Sh300, 000 grant and intends to continue supporting the development of the Meru Media Centre.

“As a council, we are pleased by the move by journalists in Meru to come together to address their challenges as well as invest. The Media Council of Kenya has been supporting such initiatives by developing the financial literacy module for journalists. We commit to support the Meru Press Club to achieve its objectives,” Mr Karanja said.

He also challenged the media in Meru to enhance coverage of societal challenges facing the community such as sexual and gender based violence, teenage pregnancies and crime.



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