Meru MCAs addressing the media outside Meru County Assembly. Photo: Anthony Muriuki

By Dorcas Linchore and Mwenda Kiriungi

Meru county Assembly Members (MCA) have appealed to president William Ruto to allow Metropolitan governance to run the county services following the political instability facing the region.

Speaking today after presenting a petition by the resident of Meru county urging the county assembly to impeach the listed County Executive committee (CEC) and county officers, ward reps supported ‘care taker’ governance as signature collection exercise continues aimed at suspending the county government.

 On Monday a group of Meru residents together with members of the civil society started collecting signatures in a bid to suspend the embattled Kawira Mwangaza administration .

On the other side the MCAs dared Kawira to spearhead the signature collection warning her to prepare to go home after the by election .

“ We are not afraid of losing a by election we are ready for it even today to save the Meru county from grounding developments wise since the governor is incompetent and not ready to work with us,” said DMK Kiogora Abogeta west MCA.

Meru county MCAs have supported calls to have an entity similar to Nairobi Metropolitan Service.

They said Meru Metropolitan Service will enable efficient service delivery to residents

 They said the new collection of signatures that is being backed by governor Kawira will send her home.

Kiogora said that MCAs are not fearful of dissolution of the county.

“If she is thinking that she will use the collection of signatures to intimidate us we are telling her let her bring it on she is the one who will go home,” Kiogora added.

Kiogora said despite Mwangaza being saved by the senate the county boss is committing another ‘political suicide’ by leading the collection if signatures to suspend the county.

“We are telling her come baby come we are not fearful of election some of us have faced elections more than three times,” Kiogora said.

Kiogora said they might also consider a petition that has been brought to the assembly to have the Metro politan to take over the county.

The MCAs were speaking on Tuesday to press in the Meru County assembly buildings on Tuesday after they attended a sitting.

Aurelio Murangiri – MCA Muthara Ward said that the ward Rep have been passing funds but so far nothing is going on in the county.

“That is why we are considering Meru Metropolitan service as the county administration has failed,” Murangiri said

Murangiri said when she was at the senate she was asked to make peace with all the leaders.

“She is instead going round collecting signatures and intimidating MCAs with signatures to dissolve the county and go back to elections we are saying we are ready for that process,” Murangiri said.


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