Traders at Makutano shopping centre in Meru town have appealed to governor Kawira Mwangaza to allow them to sell their commodities outside the designated area after 5PM.

They said the move will enable them make more sales and prevent their goods from going to waste and inevitable losses.

Speaking to The Voice daily, Moses Mutethia, a trader at Makutano said if they are allowed to sell outside the designated area after 5PM,they will be able to make more sales.

“We are appealing to the county government  to allow us to sell from outside the designated area from 5PM in order to enable us to make more sales and earn a living. It will also ensure that our products don’t go to waste leading to losses,” said Mutethia.

He noted that Meru town traders are law abiding and dutifully pay taxes and that their concerns should be addressed.

The traders also called on the county government to ensure they reconnect the MEWASS water which was disconnected recently.

They also want the governor to fulfill her promise of erecting a shade in order to shelter them from scorching sun and rain.


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