Akelo Misori

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers has threatened to sue the Teachers Service Commission if it dares to punish teachers over exam cheating in both the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

The union says it will also sue the Kenya National Examination Council and the Education Cabinet Secretary if any disciplinary action is taken against the teachers.

KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori said all stakeholders involved in the exam process will meet in court in a bid to unveil the whole truth about exam cheating.

Speaking in Meru town during the Meru county branch annual general meeting, Misori exonerated teachers from any blame noting exams are leaked to media and WhatsApp groups hours before centre managers pick them from depots.

He said it is unfair to select a few schools and teachers for punishment yet they were not involved in the malpractice.
“Exam leakages are in media and WhatsApp groups by 4am. It’s wrong for TSC to select a few schools and teachers for punishment yet they were not involved in exam cheating. We shall move to court if they dare to punish teachers. Everybody involved in the exam process including the TSC, KNEC and Education CS must be involved in the case in order to unravel the whole truth. We won’t allow teachers to be used as scapegoats,” said Misori.

The unionist called on TSC to allow tutors teaching children to supervise the exam because they are more qualified for the exercise.
He said teachers are trained and specialized in the different subjects being examined and thus more suited to supervise them.
Misori also cautioned the government against militarising the examination by deploying security agencies because they scare and intimidate candidates leading to poor results.

“We want to convince TSC to allow us supervise exams. We must demilitarise the examination processes by having a discussion with TSC. Teachers teaching in respective schools can handle the exercise because they are trained and qualified. There is nothing extra ordinary. They should trust us,” said Misori.

He called on the government to pay well those supervising the exam because currently they are paid peanuts.
“We must bring down the KNEC menace. Teachers are being paid Sh 150 per day which was paid 16 years ago. This must change by giving exam supervisors better package.

Travel and lunch allowances should also be included in the package,” said the unionist.
He called on the TSC to employ interns teaching at JSS level on permanent and pensionable terms because currently they are operating like casual labourers.

He said the interns are not sure whether they will continue handling the children in future because the government has not shown any commitment.

Misori cautioned the government against running the education sector using casual labourers because it might collapse.
“JSS teachers are demoralised. They are getting half salaries of their colleagues in the same job groups. We can’t run education using casual labourers. They should be made permanent and pensionable,” said Misori.

He said JSS should be domiciled in secondary schools because primary schools don’t have the required facilities like laboratories.
Misori said house allowance should be paid depending on job groups and not geographical location because all the towns have grown tremendously.

He regretted that the manner in which education is being run in public institutions is forcing parents to transfer their children to private schools noting that if the problem is not addressed and resolved, an entire generation might be lost.


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