Politicians in Meru and Tharaka Nithi counties have been ordered to stop politicizing the border dispute between the two counties, and warned that they will be arrested should they incite residents.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki said politicians who incite locals against each other will be arrested and prosecuted and cautioned them against using border disputes to solicit votes.

“Those who try to incite residents along the borders against each other will be arrested. It doesn’t matter whether you are my friend or from my community. What I will now allow is leaders using border disputes as a means for looking for votes,” Prof Kindiki said.

Prof Kindiki spoke at Chaaria Cottolengo Catholic church in Central Imenti constituency on Sunday when he helped raise funds for children living with disabilities.

Prof Kindiki assured the Meru and Tharaka communities that the border dispute which has bedeviled the area for a long time will soon come to an end.

“We are all brothers and sisters. It was fueled by politics. Those behind it are criminals regardless of where they come from and it is just a matter of days before we end it. I cannot successfully fight crime countrywide and fail in my home,” Prof Kindiki said.

He promised to create another sub county in Central Imenti constituency in three months once the official process of public participation is completed.

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi said Meru community residents are kinsmen who should coexist peacefully and urged the government to issue title deeds to those with land regardless of where they were.

He said nobody should be allowed to divide the community on sub tribe basis for their own selfish personal gains and called for unity and peace among the residents in a bid to spur developments.


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