The significance of the 2027 presidential elections to our country cannot be gainsaid. The previous contests have been characterized by high voltage campaigns which leave a very bitterly divided post-election society. The divisions, mistrust and instability are products of campaign shenanigans where contestants capitalize on both real and/or imagined differences for selfish political gain. In other words, they exploit national diversity as a ladder of ascendancy to power over a divided people instead of emphasizing on the reality of strength associated with unity in diversity.
The 2010 constitution envisions a less volatile presidential competition by subjecting certain presidential decisions and actions to democratic institutions where parliamentary approval or judicial validation is required. Devolution of certain presidential powers to county governments is another mechanism intended to cure do or die pursuit of power. Yet, the previous elements of 2013, 2017 and 2022 elections have not produced the desired results.

One of the reasons for failure is that the main candidates have never really placed the message of peace and unity as a priority item in their agenda. It has largely been us versus them. Deployment of ethnic supremacists and community gatekeepers has worsened the situation. Failure to comprehend the constitutional architecture is another handicap. Understanding and believing the centrality of peace and unity in national development as captured both in spirit and letter of the constitution has been lacking in campaign messaging.
The 2027 General Election presents that rare opportunity to place the country at a higher paradigm of political discourse and eventually people-centric leadership. In my view, if there is one politician who represents the emblem of peace and authentic humility in Kenya, it is Kalonzo Musyoka.
His long service at foreign affairs, participation in peace meditation processes across the African continent and beyond, spiritual depth, natural charisma and clarity of thought equip him as the most eligible leader our country needs now. Don’t forget accepting the position of vice president after 2007 election was a great act of patriotic sacrifice which saved our country from the margins of collapse.
As a lawyer (Senior Counsel), he has the benefit of understanding the 2010 Charter and demonstrating by example the virtues of adherence to the principles of constitutionalism. In terms of legal and peace jurisprudence and weaving the same with leadership and development, his record is unparalleled.

The question is…how do we reach there? The answer is simple and straightforward. He must not only be on the 2027 presidential ballot, but he must also be prepared for victory. The business of preparation starts now. The current government needs an alternative, consistent and believable opposition. Dr. Musyoka has the ability to articulate the alternative voice with ease and candour. The opposition as currently constituted is incoherent, amorphous and disjointed. Opposition politics today rotates around Raila Odinga with his grievances and lacks a united progressive theme. Dr Musyoka must necessarily get out of the canopy of grievance politics and embrace the paradigm of hope and demonstrable solutions to our country’s solutions.
Kenyans are yearning for a credible alternative to the current administration. The government itself is aware of that but it’s pegging its re-election hopes on things remaining as they are in the opposition. Things remaining the same means Raila being the obvious candidate. That would be injustice to the country. The 2027 election is a call of national duty on Dr. Musyoka’s part and he must decisively take the initiative from now going forward.

Once the firmness of his decision is confirmed, everyone including Raila will have no choice but to embrace the inevitable. That is when he will witness an avalanche of support from across the county, even from very unlikely or unexpected quarters. BUT he MUST take the initiative.
First, he must embark on building a national support base. At the initial stage, he should go for both young and experienced leaders who have no political ambitions. This team should be the first tier in organizing his direct conversations with Kenyans. That doesn’t mean that Dr. Musyoka leaves out elected, aspiring and all type of leaders. It means he needs a dedicated team that believes in his leadership style.
Many politicians and ethnic gatekeepers are selfish and opportunistic. They will contaminate his messaging with local differences, some of them irreconcilable. Others will try to hold him at ransom… therefore those ethnic gates have to be crashed through the power of ideas.

As such, aspiring politicians who are not members of Wiper Democratic Movement should not form part of his county strategy teams. The paradigm is to embrace everyone of course. However, people should play roles which they are best suited. In simple terms, aspiring politicians not in his party should not be in his meet the people tours in order to prevent inheriting their local enemies.
He alone must own the big idea which translates into some kind of national revival such that those seeking political office have no option but to embrace the idea. They can only deviate to an inferior alternative. That’s how economic revival weaved the rainbow coalition under Mwai Kibaki, The Hague and reconciliation for Uhuru Kenyatta and the Hustler Narrative which propelled President William Ruto to power.
The time to make inroads is now. It’s the right time to identify suitable individuals for national, county and grassroots mobilization.

Social media has now eclipsed the traditional media when it comes to dissemination of campaign rhetoric and shaping narratives. At the very initial stage there’s need for a committed social media team which is not only proactive but also good in research for the purpose of responses and counteroffensive. Social media is also critical in connecting the candidate directly to the masses. Kalonzo Musyoka is the peoples’ 2027 presidential candidate. The question is, will he seize the moment?


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