Former Tigania East MP Gichunge Kabeabea has called on residents to elect leaders based on their track record in the next general election.

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority chairman who was speaking at Karama and Mikinduri respectively said failure to vote for credible leaders who are development oriented, make a region lag behind economically.

He insisted that it was important to elect leaders who would put the needs of the people first to ensure sustainable and equal distribution of resources.

Kabeabea further emphasized that the public has a duty to scrutinize every candidate and chose the best.

“Elect leaders based on previous achievements in order to foster tangible development. Avoid selfish and corrupt politicians who are only focused on their personal political gain because the success of the people largely hinges on the type of leaders they elect,” said Kabeabea .

While expressing his interest to reclaim the seat in 2027, Kabeabea regretted that some of the projects he initiated stalled after his predecessor allegedly failed to complete them .

“I have heard your cries my people. Elders have asked me to come back again so that I can complete the many projects that I initiated when I was the member of Parliament.”

“I have listened and consulted and I promise that I am ready to start from where I left and make it better for the benefit of our people,” he said.

Addressing locals when he attended a burial at Mbaranga on Saturday, the former law maker hit out at the current MP Mburu Aburi accusing him of failing to prioritizing roads improvement and equitable bursary allocation. 

“It is the work of the constituency representative to identify and push for construction of the roads in his or her constituency. It is unfortunate some roads here are still impassable and locals are suffering,” he added .


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