Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza on Wednesday resumed her visits to the Igembe region, amid heightened security, after a three-month break over personal safety concerns.

Recently, a delegation of leaders from the Igembe region, which comprise a third of Meru’s population, marched to the governor’s office to raise concern over her prolonged absence in the area.

Governor Mwangaza revealed to the concerned residents that she had kept off Igembe for the last three months due to rising political animosity that had mutated into public booing, riots and destruction of property.

But last week, a tough talking governor Mwangaza shed her fears and held several development meetings in Akachiu, Athiru Gaiti, Naathu and Amwathi wards daring her opponents to face her head on in 2027.

Addressing residents at Tiira in Igembe South, Governor Mwangaza said the visit by a section of residents had given her the confidence to resume her visits to the region.

“I thank all the leaders who came to my office. The move is a sign that you have resolved to ignore negative politics for development,” Governor Mwagaza said.

The Meru governor further hit out at her opponents, blaming the political fights on her decision to unsettle the status quo in government contracts.

“We have had 10 years of devolution but there was nothing to show for it in Meru. I refused to continue with the tradition of the previous administrations to ensure resources reach the people at the grassroots. This is the reason I am experiencing many fights,” Mwangaza said.

She said her decision to lock out politicians and corrupt contractors from road projects as well as making bursary allocation transparent were the reasons she was being fought.

“We cannot allow shoddy road projects to please private contractors and greedy leaders. They are fighting me because I am implementing projects that are impacting the poor directly,” she said.

The Meru governor said politicians have ganged up to lock her out of the Igembe region through inciting violence so as to unsettle her support base.

She claimed that the ‘cartel’ of a few individuals who earn hefty salaries from the government are also interested in dipping their fingers in the pot of public resources.

“I will face them head on. I don’t want to be a darling of a few salaried people. My resolve is to stand with the people no matter how many movements are formed against me,” the governor said.

Ms Mwangaza said she will no longer be cowed and will traverse the county as a duly elected leader.

“To put my opponents to shame, I will not stop coming to Igembe. I will even walk on foot to prove that I do not fear anyone. My only request is to the residents to defend me against the cartel,” she added.

The governor invited her political rivals for a real contest in the 2027 campaigns to get a taste of her governorship.

“I urge my opponents to give me space to deliver on my manifesto. However, we will meet in the public gallery in 2027 for a battle of their lives. If you don’t believe that I am a duly elected governor, let’s meet in 2027,” she dared.

Governor Mwangaza said she will work with ward administrators and other grassroots leaders in the place of defiant MCAs.

The Meru governor has fallen out with the majority of elected leaders including her deputy and only enjoys support from 13 members of county assembly.


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