Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza on Sunday pleaded with President William Ruto to free the county from the grip of a cartel of greedy leaders keen on distabilizing her leadership.

Speaking during an interdenominational prayer service at Laare town, governor Mwangaza told off the cartel of 10 leaders, whom she said were fanning the fire of politics against her.

This comes amid a raging political feud between the county boss and her deputy Isaac Mutuma.

“Meru will not be held hostage by a 10-member cartel who think all is not well. 

Ten leaders who earn Sh1 million cannot decide that Meru has a problem yet we know they are fighting for their stomachs,” Governor Mwangaza said.

She added, “Mr President, we plead with you to set Meru free today. There are people who are yet to accept that a woman is the governor.”

The governor said those fight her are yet to accept that they lost the election. Let them accept that ‘Governor ni Mama’.

Governor Mwangaza was responding to sentiments by Buuri MP Mugambi Rindikiri and Senator Kathuri Murungi lamented that the county was in trouble.

“The governor is the chief executive of the county and should work well with her deputy. I urge the two leaders to resolve their differences,” Senator Kathuri said.

Rindikiri said Meru was at crossroads due leadership feuds.

Responding to the concerns, President Ruto said he was aware of the leadership feuds and would help resolve them.

“I will pray for Meru leaders that the devil who wants to divide them does not succeed. I urge you to stop playing 2027 politics because the people know who is working for them. Every leader has their space,” President Ruto said.

He said he would support Meru leaders in resolving their differences.

“We will fix the few issues in Meru. The governor should also unite all leaders and should not divide them into groups. I am also engaging my opponents in Nairobi.

Deputy president Rigathi Gachagua said the presidency will not allow development to stall because of infighting among leaders. 

“Recently, we met Meru leaders in Nakuru to plan for the development of the county only for them to come back and start feuding.”

“The governor and her deputy campaigned together and must work together. We shall pray for the devil to be defeated,” Mr Gachagua said.

The deputy president pledged to hold talks with the governor and her deputy to resolve their differences.

“You were elected on one ticket. There is now way you can start wrangling when it comes to doing the work you asked for,” the DP warned.


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