Farmers at Kaguru Farmers Training Centre follow a training session during World food safety day. PHOTO. POOL

By Mwenda Kiriungi

The Crop Resource Management directorate under the State Department of Agriculture has committed to improve the safety of food in the country .

Douglas Kangi, the Director Crop Resource Management said that globally, the sustainable goal number two is to reduce hunger that has hit the world over the years.

” You cannot reduce hunger without advocating for food safety. Most of the food losses occur because of not observing the good practices that address food safety that is aligned to the value chain from production, crop husbandry practices, harvesting, transportation up to the consumption,” Kangi said.

Douglas Kangi, the Director Crop Resource Management. He said the government is commited to improve food safety. PHOTO. Mwenda Kiriungi.

He spoke on Wednesday at Kaguru farmers training center in Meru county during the world food safety day under the theme ‘standards save life’ where about 3000 farmers attended the training on food quality issues in all value chains.

“The Genesis of safe food systems begins from the soil whether they are livestock or crops. For us to get healthy food systems, we have to address the entire value chain that is preparation of soil, seeds and how we manage growth, harvesting, processing and packaging,” said the director.

Mr Kangi noted that the country has developed modern farming technologies that if well utilised, could be uplift on food quality and standards.

He also expressed the government’s commitment to ensure food safety in the country,

“As a ministry we are putting in measures to make it safer so that we can attract more markets outside the country.We have formulated a food policy that is now in the cabinet for further directions,” the director noted.

Meru county director of agriculture Eugene Bundi said that through the devolved government they have one extension officer per ward in the 45 wards.

“We are working to have more extension officers so that they can encourage the youth to venture into farming,” said Bundi.

Agro-chemicals Association of Kenya (AAK), Chief Executive Officer, Erick Kimuyungi said farmers are important for the nutrition of the country and need to be heard.

He said that his lobby group is working towards better farming, better food and better health, citing that standards also facilitate trade.


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