Meru County Commissioner Fred Ndunga during his address at Kunene primary school grounds Tigania West. He decried increased GBV warning perpetrators. Photo/ COURTESY

Meru County commissioner Fred Ndunga has expressed concern over increasing cases of Gender Based Violence in the County.

Speaking at Kunene primary school grounds in Tigania West during Madaraka day celebrations, the CC observed that the move could be as a result of community accepting to live with the situation.

“It is unfortunate that Meru has been ranked the leading county in GBV. Domestic violence, rape, defilement and incest seems to have been accepted in the society instead of fighting it,” said Ndunga.

He added, “There are incidents where families demand to settle these cases outside the court making it difficult for the administration to eradicate the vice. Others even threaten those who report the matter, let’s take up the challenge”.

The commissioner also urged administrators especially chiefs and their assistants who are in the grassroot to be tough while handling such cases.

On matters of second generation liquor and illicit brew, Ndunga called on residents to join hands with security agents to ensure its consumption is curbed in the region.

“Just like GBV, alcohol and drug abuse is a society issue. Let’s join hands and no single leader should protect those engaged in it” Ndunga reiterated.

He also called upon the county government to ensure that due process is followed during liquor licensing, and follow-up to ensure regulations are adhered to.

Meru deputy governor Mutuma M’Ethinkia on his part said the county government is committed in the fight against illicit brew, also calling for support from Meru residents.

“Through the liquor licensing board, we have declared war against counterfeit and illicit brew in our society. This is aimed at saving our young generation from damages brought about by these drugs” said the deputy governor.


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