By Prof Gitile Naituli
So many deaths. So much destruction. Displacement of thousands. Postponement of school opening. Roads and bridges are crumbling. What a wasted economy? The sad thing is that the government appears so unprepared in tackling such emergencies. Yet, Kenyans thought they have a budget in both National and County government for disaster mitigation. The question that begs an immediate answer is, where are these funds if they are not lining the pockets of greedy leaders who are hell bent on fleecing the economy? Meanwhile, the president directed that all those near prone and risk flood and landslide areas to leave immediately but the government hasn’t directed to where or how.

Our local leaders, from MCAs to MPs and governors are all silent when the floods continue wreaking havoc. So many areas prone to landslides and roads have been cut off in their areas, yet nobody is coming out to give their voters hope. Mwananchi seems left on their own. The other day when a landslide occurred in Murang’a killing six people, what we saw was embarrassing. Residents used their bare hands, jembes and spades to shovel mountains of mud in search of their loved ones. Where was the government? These are the same leaders who will land on choppers and fuel guzzlers to ask for votes. Why do we vote in leaders and immediately they take oath of office, leave us on our own? We have high risk areas in Meru and Tharaka Nithi, yet nothing has been done as floods pose danger!

President Ruto himself lamented months ago that some of his cabinet officials don’t know their work and what happens in their departments. We have now seen the repercussions. Health crisis, transport crisis, agriculture crisis etc. Another question that begs yet another answer is, why wait for impeachment instead of sacking inefficient officials? Why does parliament waste precious time discussing inefficient cabinet ministers instead of bills that help mwananchi? During the labour day celebrations, nothing inspiring was forthcoming to the overburdened Kenyan workers. After all, many have lost their jobs while others are taking home less money due to the burden of high taxation imposed by the Kenya Kwanza administration. For example, a teacher who earned a monthly salary of Sh56,096 in 2020 started taking home Sh51,475 since this government took office, meaning the salary went down despite the harsh economic situation. A county worker who earned Sh72,000 in 2018, is now taking home Sh58,399. A teacher lost Sh4,617 while the county worker lost Sh13,645. What does this mean to the Kenyan worker? More suffering. My final question, who will liberate Kenyans from this bondage?


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