Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has banned Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza’s planned outreach programme meeting dubbed Okolea. The meeting was set to be held this Sunday at Kinjo area in Central Imenti constituency.

Kindiki said the government will not allow anybody in Meru and Kenya in general to hold political meetings meant to incite, cause chaos or create divisions among the residents.In a bare knuckle statement the CS dared the governor to disobey the order and face dare consequences.The ban comes barely a week after chaos erupted last Sunday during Mwangaza’s ‘Okolea Program’ meeting at Makiri in Igembe South Constituency.

Speaking at Kiengu market in Igembe Central Constituency when he officially opened the new Kiengu sub county offices and unveiled the new DCC, Kindiki said what happened last Sunday should not be allowed to happen again in Meru or Kenya.”No politician will be allowed to hold meetings to incite, abuse others, cause chaos or divisions among the residents. The country will burn as leaders shelter in the safety of their homes.What happened last Sunday in Meru was shameless. Violent meetings meant to incite others will not be allowed. I have cancelled the central Imenti meeting. If you think it is a joke, try it. Don’t try me,” said the CS.He advised leaders to convince the electorate through policies and not violence.CS Kindiki faulted Mwangaza’s supporters for starting the chaos forcing the other group to retaliate.”Action will be taken against the culprits. Everybody will be arrested including those who beat journalists and destroyed their properties. Their will be no sacred cows. They must all record a statement with the police,” said Kindiki.

He said he will deal ruthlessly with the case just the way he handled the anti-government protests called by Azimio. In the last Okolea Programme function, clashes erupted, leading to the burning of mattresses that the governor intended to donate. A cow was also slaughtered. suspects linked to the chaos were arrested and Meru Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma grilled by DCI.

CS Kindiki vowed to crackdown on bandits in a bid to ensure cattle rustling ends completely in the area.He gave the security officers the green light to shoot and kill any bandit who poses a danger to the life of any Kenyans.He said he will camp for days or even months in the bandits prone area of Igembe until the cattle rustling menace is eliminated.”It will never be business as usual again. Cattle rustling must end at all costs. They should end the vice or face the consequences.The police should use the weapons to defend themselves and Kenyans against criminals. Shoot them dead before they harm any citizen. We shall defend our officers. We will defeat these bloody thirsty criminals,” said the CS.Kindiki said residents have suffered a lot in the hands of cattle rustlers.He said all the 91 livestock stolen on Thursday were recovered. “More National Police Reservist (NPR) will be added and trained in the area in the next 14 days. More police officers from all organs will be transferred to the insecurity areas,” said Kindiki.

Interior CS said the President has directed him to ensure all the four new sub counties in Meru county are operational.He promised to give Sh 10 million on top of a similar amount from CDF for construction of administration offices at Kiengu.He called on mapping of all areas in the county in order to pave way for more administrative units.He called for unity amongst leaders in order to realise developments and advised them to shun abusive language.

North Imenti MP Rahim Dawood requested the CS to ensure a DCC is posted at Imenti East because the district was gazetted a long time ago.He called for employment of chiefs and assistants where there are vacancies.Dawood said some of the administration offices are incomplete and should be completed.He called on the government to ensure security officers have enough and decent houses because many currently don’t have.He said they will support Kindiki in his 2032 presidential bid.Together with South Imenti MP Shadrach Mwiti, they said opening of office will bring services closer to citizens.Mwiti said in Mbeti area there is a lot of insecurity and called for beefing up of security.Central Imenti MP Kirima Ngucine called on the government to complete Mariene university and award central Imenti the three sub counties they have requested.

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi said each community in Kenya has a kingpin and Kindiki should take over the Mt Kenya region mantle.He said Meru county wants sustainable developments like water, roads and not blankets, gumboots and cows.

Igembe North MP Julius Taitumu called on Kindiki to find a lasting solution over the insecurity in the area especially after the loss of a person on Thursday.He appealed to the government to provide the area with four police vehicles and National Police Reservists to combat the insecurity menace noting NPR are familiar with the terrain and can deal with bandits effectively.

Meru County Woman Representative Karambu Kailemia said Igembe region leads in child pregnancies and called on the boy child to take full responsibility.She regretted that many girls have dropped out of school and urged chiefs to ensure boys also take care of the children.She said she will start a peace caravan around Meru County.

Igembe South MP John Paul Mwirigi said services like security officers recruitments will greatly benefit the residents after the creation of a new sub county.He said all elected leaders will work harmoniously and speak in one voice and urged Meru residents to shun politics of division.He faulted governor Mwangaza of ignoring advise from other leaders especially matters on security.He called on the government to gazette Atheru, Kanuni and Akachiu police stations.He said security roads in the area should be upgraded to make them accessible during police operations.Igembe Central MP Dan Kiili requested for 40 NPR to help fight insecurity.He said most schools don’t have capitation because children don’t have birth certificates.He said Miraa prices per sack have reduced from Sh 200,000 to Sh 60,000 due to cartels.”Cartels should be investigated and eliminated especially those at the airport. Let the border with Somali be reopened to enable locals transport miraa to Somalia in order to improve the prices,” said the MP.

Buuri MP Mugambi Rindikile said leaders should respect each other in their utterances and concentrate on developments.He cautioned leaders against using the name of God to undermine others.He said Meru should be left to resolve their problems without interference from outside.Rindikiri said enough is enough and vowed to face the governor head on noting she lacks the leadership qualities to lead the county to progress.He faulted the governor for failing to address sensitive issues like youth unemployment, water and security and only donates blankets, mattresses and cows.He advised leaders to shun abusive language and embrace unity.

Senate deputy speaker and Meru Senator Kathuri Murungi said bandits should be shot to death on spot because they have caused a lot of suffering to locals.He said security should be beefed up in Igembe border.Murungi regretted that Meru county has now become a laughing stock in the entire country due to poor leadership.He promised to work with MCA’s to oversight the county government to ensure devolution works.He said some innocent people were arrested in Maua and they should be released since even the complainant has not recorded any statement with the police.He said the governor and his team should be arrested because they are the ones who caused the chaos.


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