Imenti North MP Rahim Dawood has asked President William Ruto to make a tour of Meru and launch development projects, saying several of them had stalled.
The MP said the President had gone to various parts of country where he commissioned or launched mega projects, adding that it was Meru’s turn.
“We have seen the president in Nyanza and coast regions launching projects and although we appreciate that he has to serve all Kenyans, we would like him to come and do the same in Meru so that residents see the benefit of voting in the Kenya Kwanza government,” he said.

Mr Dawood spoke at Kaithe area when Njuri Ncheke Council of elders performed a cleansing ceremony following an incident where a mugumo tree fell.
The elders said falling of the tree was symbolic according to the Ameru culture and was a bad omen but assured area residents that the ritual had warded off any calamity.
“The mugumo tree has its significance among not only the Ameru people but the entire Africa. When it falls down we associate it with some misfortune and have to carry out a ritual,” said Josphat Murangiri, the council secretary General in charge of operations.

He said elders believe that the tree, which was over 1000 years old, fell due to the leadership wrangles the county was facing which had led to the impeachment of governor Kawira Mwangaza. She is expected to face the Senate on Tuesday and Wednesday next week when her fate will be decided.
“We will witness a major leadership change in this county and we call upon the Senate to serve Meru people justice by relieving her of the county Chief position because it is clear she cannot govern Meru,” he said.

Mr Dawood also urged the Senate to respect the decision of 59 out of 69 MCAs at the county assembly who had voted to remove her from office.
“The MCAs played their part and we expect the Senate in their wisdom to respect the decision. There is no way only one person will derail the development of Meru,” he said.


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