A chain of electric motorbikes. Electric motorcycles are beginning to gain traction within the local and global scene. Photo. Courtesy

A section of Bodaboda riders in Meru have raised concern over Kenya Kwanza governments proposal on introduction of electric motorbikes in the Country.

The riders have raised mixed reactions with those operating the Meru-Makutano route expressing dissatisfaction with the new calculated move.

“Electric motorbikes will pose a challenge to us due to their high cost yet we hardly manage to pay the loans we owe our financiers” cited Opiyo Odongo,one of the makutano based boda boda association chairpersons

“Does an electric motorbike have a backup generator or does its battery get charged normally like phones?” Evans Kimathi wondered.

Nick Mworia, an operator, stated that he is totally against the introduction of these electric motorbikes, saying that he is not aware of what to do with his old bike.

“President Ruto said that electric motorcycles do not rely on petroleum and this will help bring down the cost of transport greatly, I think electric motorcycles are okay with me compared to the high cost of petroleum that has been increasing daily,” Benson Bundi said.

Separately, the situation at Meru main matatu stage is no different on matters fuel prices  as matatu operators cry foul over increased fuel prices which they claim has brought down their business.

The operators claim that they hardly get any profits as it was before, citing that the low turnout of passengers for transportation also keeps them idle and with nothing to offer their families at the end of the day. 

They argued that the increased number of matatu saccos operating on the same route pose a challenge to them due to high competition.

“The transport system is not good anymore.Things are becoming worse every other day. Petroleum has been so expensive making it unaffordable to some of us.”said Charles Thuranira, a sacco manager.

 He also urged the government to consider VAT adjustments from 8% to 16%, as this would affect their charges, also pleading for vehicles issued on debt to be considered before changes in VAT.

“Addition of VAT is like a suicide bomb to us. I’m not sure whether a vehicle is manageable on such a high tax. It’s my wish  that  tax remains as it is,”he plead.


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