The recovered animals.

Security agencies from Mutuati sub-county in Meru County in corroboration with local administration and grazing committees from Garbatulla sub-county Isiolo County have recovered 28 herds of cattle which had been stolen from Kulamawe area in Garbatulla sub-county on 10th July 2023.

Since the said date the team had been following the stolen cattle and yesterday evening the same were recovered in an area between Kabachie and Ndoleli area within Mutuati sub-county.

Abdullahi Kote the senior chief Mbarambate location Garbatulla sub-county said they coordinated with a security team from Mutuati Su-county, a thing which he says led to recovery of the same.

Julius Mbogori the chairman Mutuati sub-county grazing committee said as grazing committee from Mutuati, they are working together with security team from Isiolo county to ensure that no livestock are stolen from both sides.

“We are working with all security teams to end cattle rustling. If it happens, then we ensure that the same is recovered as quick as possible without casualties or fatalities” said Mbogori.

Joseph Chesire the Mutuati Sub-County police commander said that any thief should be held responsible as an individually and not to blame a clan or a tribe.

He appealed to the owners of any stolen livestock to be reporting the correct number of any stolen livestock without exaggerating as this makes it easy for the security agencies to follow-up and recover the same.

Chesire too appealed for cooperation between the elders from Mutuati sub-county and those from Isiolo and Samburu counties noting that it’s through such co-operation that the vice of cattle rustering and other cases of insecurity can be combated.

Amina Abia the owner of the recovered herds of cattle thanked the security team for the recovery of her stolen cattle noting that the said animals were her only source of livelihood.


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